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Här lever och arbetar vi i en attraktiv miljö med Mälarens vatten och naturen nära inpå oss.

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Telefon: 0171-525 00

E-postadress: kommun@habo.se

Håbo kommunhus
Centrumleden 1
746 80 Bålsta

Environmental and Engineering department

The administration´s fields of activity are, under the Environmental- and Engineering Committee, to be responsible for the following activity areas; operation and maintenance of real estate, streets, roads, street lighting, walking- and bicycle paths, parking spaces, parks, yard facilities, recreation facilities, forests, nature reserves and also new- and reconstruction and extension of facilities and buildings. Responsibility for cleaning, GIS, survey- and mapping activities, building- and planning matters, detail plans, exploitation, environmental- and health care issues and also local traffic rules, land grants, adjustments to dwellings, traffic issues, waste handling and the “VA-department”, production and distribution of water and sewage in the municipality. Authority over questions regarding traffic, building, rescue service and environmental- and health care lies within the responsibility of the License Board.  

The Building and Environmental Administration

The Building- and Environmental Administration consists of three departments:

The Building- and Planning Committee is responsible for building- and demolition permits, building- and demolition reports, supervision, detail plans, social planning, and real estate regulation.

The Environmental- and Health Service Committee is responsible for health protection, environment protection, prevention of cruelty to animals, food supervision, environment protection within agriculture and protection against transmission of infections.

The Survey- and Mapping Committee comprises survey-, mapping- and GIS- activities in the municipality. 

The Real Estate Department

The area of responsibility regarding maintenance- and real estate care comprise schools, pre-schools, sports facilities, administration buildings, association- and business premises and houses.

The department administrates about 80 000 square meters of real estate areas, of which about 600 square meters are residential areas.

Cleaning, under our own auspices, is performed in schools, pre-schools, sports facilities and administration buildings. The cleaning areas of municipal buildings are about 60 000 square meters and about 3 200 square meters of rented premises.

The handling of applications with regard to adjustments to dwellings in cooperation with work therapists, doctors, other certificate holders and applicants.

The Street Administration

Support- and maintenance of streets, roads, parking places and street lighting, parks/ forests and yard facilities, sports- and recreation facilities, and also bus- and station areas. 

Environment Engineering

Environment Engineering functions as an internal consultant for environmental- and energy matters for all the departments and administrations in the municipality and is also responsible for waste handling. Environment Engineering is also responsible for internal as well as external environmental information.   

Water and sewage

"VA department” is a department responsible for water and sewage in the municipallity. This includes production and distribution of drinking water to households and industries and also draining off and purification of waste water. 

Since water is our most important provisions, there are regulations of what drinking water may contain. Even discharge of sewage water is strongly regulated, which leads to extensive testing of water, both drinking and sewage water by the department.

Contact us

Customer service of water and sewage, waste and refuse collection 

Answers questions about water, drains, waste and refuse collection
Phone: 0171-525 25

SOS Alarm

In case of emergency related to water and sewage.

Phone: 018-14 21 14 (evenings and weekends)

Report of malfunction

You report malfunction to real estate and damages to streets in the municipality to the number/e-mail below.
Phone: 0171-525 33

You report street lights that are out of order here: http://bogfelts.se/habo/external link

Håbo municipallity

Other matters (switchboard)
Phone: 0171-525 00  

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