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Här lever och arbetar vi i en attraktiv miljö med Mälarens vatten och naturen nära inpå oss.

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Kontakta Håbo kommun


Telefon: 0171-525 00

E-postadress: kommun@habo.se

Håbo kommunhus
Centrumleden 1
746 80 Bålsta

How Håbo is governed

The Municipal Assembly

The Municipal Assembly (kommunfullmäktige) is the highest decision-making authority in Håbo municipality. It is directly elected in general elections that are held every fourth year, at the same time as the election to the National Parliament and the County Council. The Municipal Assembly I Håbo has 41 representatives. The seats are distributed proportionally according to the number of votes. The next election will take place in september 2018.

(M), (KD), (MP) (FP) and (C) cooperate to make up the now ruling majority. The seat distribution for the current term of office 2015-2018 is:

(S) Social Democratic Party 15 (M) Moderate Party (The Conservatives) 10 (FP) Liberal party 2(Båp)  Bålsta Party (local party) 2 (C) Centre Party 3 (MP)  Green Party 2 (KD) Christian Democratic Party 1 (V) Left Party 1 (SD) Sweden Democrats 5

The Municipal Assembly decides on goals and guidelines for municipal activities, sets the local rates, establishes the size of the municipal taxes and elects the representatives for committees and boards. The Municipal Assembly normally convenes once a month and the meetings are open to the general public.

Chairman of the Municipal Assembly is Ulf Winberg (M).

The Municipal Executive Committee

The Municipal Executive Committee (kommunstyrelsen) is elected by the Municipal Assembly. It has the 13 members. The Municipal Executive Committee has an all-embracing role. It controls the administration of the municipality, supervises the activity of the committees and boards and decides in financial matters.

Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee is Liselotte Grahn Elg (M) and committee member Agneta Hägglund (S) is the Opposition leader.

Department of Municipal Administration

The Department of Municipal Administration (Kommunstyrelsens förvaltning) provides professional management support to the Municipal Executive Committee and consists of the committee's salaried officers.

For questions concerning administration contact acting department chief Vipul Vithani.

Boards and Committees

The Municipal Assembly elects boards/committees to be responsible for different activities as:

-Education Committee: Chair (M) - -Social Committee:  Chair (M) Health Care Committee (M) –Building and Enviromental Committee:  Chair (M) -Chief Guardian Committee: Chair (MP) -Municipal Audit Committee: Chair (S) - Nominations Committee: Chair (KD) -Electoral Committee: Chair (M)

Municipal Corporations

Some Municipal operations are conducted by Municipal Corporations that are fully owned by Håbo Municipality:

-Håbohus, Municipal housing company, Chair: Leif Zetterberg, (C)

-Håbo Marknadsbolag: Håbo Marketing Company working for business opportunities.

Chair: Leif Zetterberg (C)

Co-operational Agencies

Some of the Municipal operations are conducted by Co-operational agencies such as:

-Fire & Rescue Services Enköping-Håbo


Sidansvarig: Sara Widströmer


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