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Här lever och arbetar vi i en attraktiv miljö med Mälarens vatten och naturen nära inpå oss.

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Kontakta Håbo kommun


Telefon: 0171-525 00

E-postadress: kommun@habo.se

Håbo kommunhus
Centrumleden 1
746 80 Bålsta

Social work, health and care

There are moments in life when you may need help and different kinds of support. It can be in more or less urgent crises. The social administration works with support for children, youths, adults, elderly people and disabled persons. Please contact us for information, advice and efforts in different kinds of social questions. We base our activity on respect for person's right of co-determination and integrity. 

The department for support and help

The home-help service makes your everyday life easier! You can get help with food distribution, purchasing, house cleaning, laundry, personal care, dressing and undressing, support with meal etc. 

By the home-help service you can get help to handle medicines, taking of specimens and bandaging.

Do you need an emergency medical alarm, please contact us. You can carry it on you, usually in a band around your wrist or your neck. It's easy to handle and you can call for help 24 hours a day.

Do you have difficulties moving on your own, you are welcome to apply for transportation service for disabled persons.

At our family team, families with children and youths up to the age of 18, can get support and help to be able to change their situation. It can be about support with being a parent, work to improve relations and communications and also to strengthen confidence and trust within the family.

Are you in need for advice, support or treatment when it comes to alcohol, narcotics and other drugs, you are also welcome to contact us.

We also help you with family guidance, contact families, family homes, establishing paternity, adoptions, cooperation's talk, welfare report etc. You can also send us notifications about children who are badly treated and you have the option to be anonymous.

The department for custody and caring

To satisfy the needs for elderly care when that care can't be provided for in your own home an opportunity is available to move to an elderly housing. Living in an senior housing means that you have your own apartment, your own tenancy agreement and your own furniture. You have access to personnel 24 hours a day. The municipality also has a living for dement people.

Are you over the age of 65 and need for rehabilitation more than 14 days, we provide you with occupationel therapists and physiotherapists. We also help with technical and cognitive facilities for persons over 21.

If you need special support due to a functional disability, you can also contact us. It can be about support and caring that you need to be able to live, work, study or to participate in spare time activities.

If you as a senior citizen wish to receive care of your feet, you can also contact with us. The care of the feet will be done by highly qualified personnel with long professional experience and you pay a fee on every occasion. If you are a diabetic there is an agreement with the county council which means that you, after a referral and judgment by a chiropodist, will be offered care of your feet a certain number of times according to the fee of the county council.   If you are over 65 you can call Fixar- Chaba, who helps you, free of charge, with risky daily chores in the home. Fixar-Chaba comes to you and changes light bulbs, takes down curtains, carries out or in garden furniture, shoverling etc that is to say helps you with all different kind of work that you can’t manage on your own.   Do you have any questions about what kind of help you can receive from the elderly and disabling care or do you have viewpoints or questions about the help that you already receive – please contact our Ombudsman of elderly and disabled persons.

The department of labour market

Are you long term unemployed, long term sick-listed etc? We offer you job application activities, education and trade for job applying persons.   The occupation centre activities are situated at Arken, Kalmarvägen 5. There you can find, among other things, a computer centre, a carpentry, a painting workshop, a printery, a sawing cottage, an art and form workshop and a design studio.

Important telephone numbers

Håbo municipality’s switchboard, telephone 0171-525 00
Pomona Senior Housing, telephone 0171-528 80
Arken, telehone 0171-528 97
Fixar-Chaba, telephone 076-866 59 67
The ombudsman for elderly and disabled persons, telephone 0171-525 74

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