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Här lever och arbetar vi i en attraktiv miljö med Mälarens vatten och naturen nära inpå oss.

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Kontakta Håbo

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Kontakta Håbo kommun


Telefon: 0171-525 00

E-postadress: kommun@habo.se

Håbo kommunhus
Centrumleden 1
746 80 Bålsta

The town of Bålsta in the district of Håbo - offers your company new possibilities

  • Located in the centre of the Mälardalen area.
  • Fast access by rail, road and air
  • Competent work force
  • Considerable area for industrial development availabl
  • Pleasant surroundings with more than 200 km of lakeside beaches

Location and accessibility

Centrally located in the Mälardalen area. Three million people only 60 minutes away. Håbo has a unique location. Accessible from Stockholm, Uppsala and Arlanda Airport by car within 45 minutes. Direct connection to the E18 motorway.
Three international airports are close by, only 45 minutes to Arlanda, Bromma and Västerås. 90 minutes by car to Skavsta (Nyköping).
Commuter train service. Departures every 30 minutes during the day to Stockholm. Journey time: less than 40 minutes.
Express train connection to Bålsta. Travel time is 25 minutes from Stockholm and connects directly with Västerås, Örebro and Göteborg. 

Logistik Bålsta

Logistik Bålsta is an environmentally-friendly logistic site for cost-effective transport solutions where it is possible for companies and carriers to work together. Download more information on Logistik Bålsta here. 

Fast decisions

As a businessman you are used to making fast decisions – so are we at the council level. Our council offices are organised for fast decision-making procedures, and one on one meetings create the necessary conditions for an efficient organisation and good future development. The companies who have established themselves here have a closely developed network.

Establishing your business in Håbo – the alternatives

Here in Håbo we have a plentiful number of industrial sites, depending on the type of industry concerned. We have land suitable for heavy industry, with connecting industrial spur lines. We have land suitable for offices and commercial purposes closer to the E18 motorway, with improved commercial advertising exposure. At present we have approximately 300,000 sq km industrial land available, and plan to expand this area in future.

Industrial buildings presently available

There are a limited number of sites for sale or hire.

Present commerce and industry

We have 1,900 companies representing a wide spectrum of commerce and industry. The biggest companies in the area are involved in building and packaging.

GYPROC    Plasterboard manufacturing
COMBIMIX  Cement-based products 
BENDERS   Paving stones and brick-based landscaping and building materials
NORDFORM Cement piping and paving stones
NEFAB  Plywood and foam-plastic
NÖJD  Packaging and packing products.


Håbo has a low unemployment rate. However there is a very good possibility to recruit qualified personnel as many of these people commute from Bålsta. We know that many within this group would welcome the chance to work closer to home.


Håbo Marknads AB (Håbo council’s business division)  
Managing Director Leif Nyrén, phone: +46-171-538 00
E-mail:  webb:  www.habo.se/marknadexternal link

For more information on attractions, accomodations and restaurants, download the local tourist guide:

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